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Farmington Baptist Church
Monday, July 26, 2021

Haiti Church


Haitian Church Ministry

Pastor Dorlean ministers to a congregation in his native Haiti of approximately 200 men, women and
children.  Because of their extreme poverty they have not been able to build a church in which to worship.  During Cindy's visit to a rural clinic with another team in 2005 she met Pastor Dorlean as he preached and ministered to the Haitians waiting to see the doctor.  During a conversation with Pastor Dorlean he shared with Cindy of his desire to one day have a real church and asked her to pray for him.  Through prayer, God led Cindy to begin a fund raising ministry for Pastor Dorlean and his congregation. 

Cindy invites you to help realize this dream.
 You may contribute to the building of this Haitian church by sending a check to:
Cindy Moore
250 Rand Road
Industry, ME 04938
Haiti Outreach

Our goal :  To raise enough money to finish the church as well as the floor, windows, and doors.  Prices have gone way up with people still migrating into Cap Haitian from Port a Prince.  Only God knows what we are to accomplish this year to come.   -Cindy
Below is the outside of the church and the inside